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The Experiments

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Ideas create change and motion creates motion. The evolving science of art and the meaningful science of social change is the crux of our social experimenting.
Each experiment is paired with a social cause that sends ripples of change through the multimedia stratosphere. We change the world by changing the lens you see it through.

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Social Arts
For Social Change

The Variables

Social Experiment builds its experiments on the tenants of experimental artistry.
We tamper with the social norm and create out of it our own artistic social experiments.

Control Group

TV & Film

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  • Documentaries
  • Features
  • Web Series


  • Social Media
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  • Educational
  • Web-Based


  • Fiction
  • TV/Film Scripts
  • Literature
  • Music


  • Community Partnership
  • Special Events
  • Policy Research
  • Policy Changes

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The Research

The Pioneer Graffiti Droner

The Pioneer Graffiti Droner

  Two years before KATSU was using drones to spray red lines through Kylie Jenner’s face, activist and artist Cameron MacLeod was experimenting at the Banff Center in Canada with the once army-based turned graffiti geek technique. Watch his first flight on October 30, 2013 at 7:00 AM.

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